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Summary on Show number 10

Topic #10 Meditation An interview with Deborah Rose reveals the many benefits of meditation.

Reviewed the benefits of taking stress management classes, discussed how medical insurance is covering this form of complementary health. She shares why maintaining a positive attitude is beneficial for the healing process and how meditation can have both advantages and disadvantages.


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                           Bio on Deborah Rose

I am an Ordained Minister, offering personalized weddings, funerals and other functions. I have been Certified as a Master Alignment Practioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Kahuna Healer, and for various classes I teach. My quest for learning is an ongoing joy in my life, where in Canada and various states I have grown through many mentors. My private practice offers loving, gentle, compassionate, positive counseling and therapies as a means to facilitate healing and growth in all areas of your unique life experience. This may be accomplished through Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Various Healing Techniques, Past Life Regression Therapy and Meditation.
I have been teaching self-empowerment classes for over 15 years. This is my 16th year at the West Seneca Continuing Education, where I have been teaching for all three semesters per year. I began teaching a course of 4 Meditation classes there, and through the requests of the students and the Director, I have been encouraged to expand the self-empowerment studies and offer an additional 6 courses. I have taught at the West Seneca Continuing Education, Ecc, Boces, The University of Buffalo, Buffalo State College, The NorthEast Holistic Center, various Churches, and private functions and at my own offices.
At present, the self-empowerment classes available are: All Levels of Certified Reiki, Introduction to Meditation and a Continuing level, F eng Shui, Intuitive Awareness, Discovering Your Soul's Purpose, Manifesting Abundance in Your Life, and Meet Your Personal Angel. Please call for more information. (716) 683-3392

Master Alignment

Deborah Rose is a Certified Master Alignment Practitioner



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