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Grete Hausler

Dear Bruno Groening friends,

the schooling material, which you are holding in your hands today, has been prepared and posted by friends in their free time. Everyone who has contributed to this, did it with pleasure. The friends help out of gratitude for received healings on their own body and help in daily life.
I truly wish you with all my heart, that you will gain encouragement and new knowledge, and a lot of Divine Power and that you may always be united with Godfather and Bruno Groening.

As you may know, the Circle-of-Friends is growing tremendously through the many information lectures given by physicians and non-medical practitioners, through the published press articles, the fairs and congresses with regards to alternative medicine and of course through the personal recommendation of friends.

With the increasing number of friends the work expands as well. Everybody is working voluntarily and on a honorary basis, that means, nobody gets a single cent for his work within the Circle-of-Friends.
However, we need pallets of paper. Many thousands of cassettes and CD's have to be prepared and posted. Computer, tools and machines of different kinds are imperative, which have to be serviced and repaired. This causes growing expenses, which are exclusively settled by donations. Many of our new friends abroad had not been able to raise the proportional costs so far, but they are exactly the ones who do need the help and healings through the Teachings of Bruno Groening.

The basic requirements for the successful work within the works of Bruno Groening are the many helpers as well as the necessary equipment and working materials.

I am very grateful to all of you, if you have the understanding for this and sincerely ask you for your donation.
A new possibility to make donations to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends electronically is available through the internet. Click onto the following address in the internet:

All the best and kind regards
Grete Hausler


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