Women and Their Children who have Survived Divorce by Janet Gosch


Women and Their Children who Survived Divorce:

by Janet Gosch

Book Description

"This book provides a fundamental understanding of the emotional, financial, and physical turmoil that surrounds a divorce from a woman's perspective. While nothing can completely prepare anyone for the inherent trials of a divorce, the author provides inspiration and hope to women going through a divorce by sharing the experiences of women, who, despite having different backgrounds, ages, and experiences, all identify with the basic struggle against anxiety, anger, and despair, only to eventually triumph over such adversity and once again lead the flourishing lives they once thought were gone forever." Kevin Gluc, Attorney

From the Author

The focus of this book is not my story but the struggle divorced mothers are up against. I feel recovery begins when you hear of someone who has experienced a similar situation and has overcome it. Divorced mothers need much more help and understanding than I saw was available to them. To read of positive outcomes from divorce can be very inspirational. I have compiled a collection of stories of women who have experienced life as single mothers with all of its trials, tribulations and triumphs so as to inspire other women experiencing divorce. They need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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