Bruno Groening


Summary of Show number: 22 The TV show will review the history of Bruno Groening Spiritual Healings. Rich Leo give the background history of Bruno Groening. Rich explain how the healing energy works with the circle of friends in healing of oneself.

Bruno Groening

Bio on Bruno Groening

There is a Higher Power which is the fundamental force of life and it can heal. Bruno Groening (1906-59) had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy (life force, chi, divine power) and through his simple teachings, made it available to everybody.
He died in 1959, but even today, thousands of people experience help and healing worldwide through his teachings. In an international Medical-Scientific Group, physicians record and prove these healings.
We now have these very same communities available to us and recording the miraculous healings happening here in Western New York.
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Bio on Rich Leo

Rich Leo has been deeply involved with metaphysical studies his entire life. He led led workshops in the US and Canada in personal and spiritual development during the early 80's and has periodically taught classes in meditation and spiritual topics for over thirty years. He is a retired high school reading specialist and language arts instructor, and is an active member of many Western New York artist associations.

The principles of healing found in the teachings of Bruno Groening that he heard discussed on a local radio talk show led to his currently very active role as a leader for developing Circle of Friends communities here in Buffalo, Rochester and Niagara Falls, NY. He is the Inner Circle Leader for these communities, as well as communities in St. Paul, MN, Chicago, Detroit, and Midland MI.

Rich created a video with the help of famous German filmmaker, Thomas Eich, about the Circle of Friends' world-wide activities as an introduction to a 40-city US lecture tour of physicians from Europe during October, 2004.

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WWW.BRUNO-GROENING.ORG/ENGLISH , then click "NEW" and then go to the streaming video download at 20.09.2004 (left column). English Video Stream. You can watch this informative 25 minute film on your pc video player.

Contact Rich Leo at 716-283-6382 for more questions about how you can learn more about the world-wide Bruno Groening Circle of Friends and about the communities in the Western New York area (where medically verifiable physical and mental healings are already happening).

Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site or TV series.  We do not recommend anything in this series. You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body.

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