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Topic #16 Flex Insurance Plans for Complementary and Alternative Health: Interview with Karen Caligiuri shares with viewers how insurance companies are now covering complementary and alternative health.
Caligiure shows how flex care plans work with insurance companies. She explored the process for getting a massage therapy covered and why you always should have your insurance company's O.K. anything before treatment. Caligiure shares why insurance companies are working with complementary and alternative treatments more.

Bio on Karen Caligiuri

Karen Caligiuri was born and raised here in Buffalo. She graduated from Lackawanna Senior High School in 1993 and furthered her education at ECC South College.  She received an Associate in Science in 1998. The human body, how it works, and how our physical well being affects our emotional state always kept Karen’s interest.  This led her to massage therapy.  She receive her license in 2001 and currently working at Mother earth Studio in Lockport NY.  Karen is also a certified Reiki 1 and 2  practitioner and yoga instructor (2003).

“To provide and teach overall mind body wellness” to her clients is Karen’s passion.

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Price Right Massage

Massage Benefits Your Body.
A massage can do wonders for your body, both
physically and mentally. No longer considered just an indulgence, massage is a recognized, effective treatment for many health conditions which can include: . Reducing stress and anxiety
. Increasing blood circulation and lymph function . Relief to muscle and joint soreness
However, massage can also help treat other ailments, such as:
. Arthritis
. Back Pain
. Carpal Tunnel
. Headaches
. Bronchitis
. Depression
. Insomnia
. Myofascial Pain
. Sports Injuries
. Scar tissue reduction


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