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 Daemen College Health Care Studies Program: Justine Tutuska head of the Health Care Studies department shares with series host, Robinson, the specifics of the college's complementary programs within the health care studies program.

Justine Tutuska explains to viewers and series host that the college's health care program is a 4-year undergraduate program that offers Bachelors of Science degree. The degree can take on one of three different specialization’s complementary health and alternative health, community health and health and fitness. Tutuska said the college offers a holistic approach in its health care program thereby integrating the therapies into the mainstream medicine.

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Daemen College
B.S. Health Care Studies

Justine Tutuska, Director of Health Care Studies  Education: MPH - Master of Public Health, Health Promotion Concentration, San Diego State University. Licensed Massage Therapist, New York Institute of Massage Experience: Focused in the areas of community health, holistic health and wellness, and college health. Preparing Our Future:
A College Degree Program in Holistic-Based Health Care Studies Recent findings were released on May 27, 2004 by NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) and NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) regarding American's use of CAM. This is, to date, the most complete and comprehensive report available, based on the 2002 National Health Interview Survey of tens of thousands of American households. It was revealed that in the last year, 36% of American adults have used CAM, and over 62% consented when 'prayer' was included.  In addition, 75% have used CAM at some point in their lives. 

We have entered a new paradigm of health care practice in our country. Most Americans, for many reasons, have started searching for complements to the typical 'western model' of health care, and have actively pursued a more active role, and have accepted more responsibility, for their own health.

Daemen College, in Amherst, New York, has created a Bachelors of Science Program in Health Care Studies to address this changing paradigm.  The goal of this new degree program is to ensure that its graduates have a life-long commitment to maximizing health and wellness through the integration of traditional and complementary therapies in a holistic approach to health care, injury and disease prevention, and health and wellness promotion.  All of our students, in all specializations (Health and Fitness, Community Health, and Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices) receive a 'holistic-based' education, preparing them for the changing needs within the Health Care System.

Health Care Studies Foundation:
Daemen College provides a comprehensive Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum, setting a background for the degree program.  Students are engaged in a strong Natural and Health Science curriculum, including course work in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition. There is a strong Behavioral and Social Sciences component, with courses in Holistic and Cultural Perspectives of Health, Health Psychology and Education. In addition, students complete core courses in Health Care Studies (Introduction to Health Care Models, Health Systems Management, Contemporary Issues in Integrative Health Care, and a Community-Based Practicum).  Students then enhance their studies with the courses specific to their specialization.

Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices
Additional coursework consists of:
Physiology of Exercise and Cardio-Pulmonary Assessment, Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology, Biomechanics of Human Movement, CPR & Emergency Health Care, Survey of Eastern & Western Complementary Medical Approaches.  Additional courses are selected from 3 of the 4 following domains:

Mind-Body Interventions Domain: Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology, Foundations of Meditation and Mental Imagery, Science of Prayer in Healing, Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Manipulative & Body Based Domains: Foundations of Yoga, Foundations of Tai Chi, Massage Courses may transfer into this domain

Energy Therapies Domains: Foundations of Energy Therapies, Introduction to the Chakra System, Reiki, Qi Gong Healing Method, Acupressure, Healing and Therapeutic Touch, Magnet Therapy, Introduction to Reflexology

Biological Based Therapies Domains: Herbal Studies, Aromatherapy, Foundations of Homeopathy, Introduction to Naturopathy

Additional Education and Support
As a commitment to students, college and local community, the Health Care Studies Program also sponsors the 'Holistic Wellness Initiative'. The mission is to further the awareness, appreciation and integration of a mind-body-spirit-earth paradigm in the pursuit and promotion of personal and universal health and well-being. Towards this end we make available affordable education, services and experiences to the Daemen College and local communities relating to holistic health, wellness and living.  The 'Holistic Wellness Initiative includes a collection of holistic based workshops and activities offered by local practitioners, holistic healers, and Daemen faculty.  To view the schedule of events:                                   

Daemen College's Program supports and encourages students, faculty, staff and community members to become active participants in health and wellness, as we progress from a traditional biomedical model to a patient-centered, whole person approach to living.

For more information on the Health Care Studies Program, please contact Justine Tutuska at (716) 839-8556, or 
Health Care Studies Web site:

For general information on Daemen College and academic programs, please call (716) 839-8225  

Additional Education and Support from Daemen College

  Daemen College Holistic Wellness Initiative                   


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