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Eddie Boes (life long Gudarist / Singer) Born in Lockport of the North end. Parents (MOM) gave piano lessons for 40 years. (DAD) fixed clocks for 50 years. His father also trained people in Western New York area as a Gudarist Singer for a specially show case Rock act called “Boes-e and the Pussycatts”. Touring the Western New York area from 1969 to 1999 and then some.....

Eddie Boes likes swimming, sun and going for rides , listening an    singing to classic tunes.

    Eddie is a born again christen who was recently picked to play the part of Jesus in a play called Heavens Gates and  Hells Rome”.

    Eddie also has his private limo company, and will talked clients up to six hours any place in Western New York. Eddies hobbies are Swimming, music,old toys. He also repair clocks of any style.Eddie also is a music teacher, and will teacher anyone to play most music equipment.