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Complementary Health TV Series™

Hosted by Les Robinson FICF , ACS

An easy way to reduce stress, relax and enjoy life without wasting money and time.


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This week show: Proof of a Human Soul Part 1


Lester J. Robinson apart of a team putting together a book called 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Lester topic in the book will be “Positive Thinking”

To learn more about 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life

How to buy the book  "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life”


Welcome to the Complementary Health TV Series™ Interactive Web Site. This Web Site is design to be a Link to help you to have a better understanding of Complementary, Holisitc, and Alternative Health.  Coming soon to this Web Site will be an extend list of people in the field of Complementary, Alternative, and Holisitc Health to help you to become a healthier and Happier Person.

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Lester J. Robinson

Read the Journey of Lester Robinson on the Complementary Health TV Series ™.

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Mission of this TV Series is:

The series goal is to inform people on what complementary health is, and to inform people on how different areas of health care can improve your life, and to help you live longer.  How complementary health can give you an outline on becoming healthier, reduce stress in life, and be a happier person.



                                         Show times and Dates

                                                                                                                                                   Niagara County Time Warner           Erie County Time Warner                                              Erie County Time Warner Cable Channel 20

 Wednesday at 10:35 pm

Niagara County LCTV Cable Channel 20

Tuesday at 8:30 pm

Wednesday at 5:00 am

Thursday at 10:00 am

Thursday at 6:30 pm

Friday at 2:00 pm

Buffalo, New York

Monday 10:30 am 

Lester Robinson's Journey Through His Complementary Health TV Series

 The Testimonials from the Complementary Health TV Series

How complementary health can give you an outline to becoming a healthier, reduce stress and become a happier person.

   1. Give you prevention ideas to help you enhance your health              and body to live longer and happier                                                    

   2. Give you tips and ideas how to reduce stress in your life

   3. Give you tips and ideas on how to help you relax in your life       

   4. Give you tips on how to eat healthier.                                                  

  5. Give you an overview of general information to help you                 become better educated on complimentary health                            

  6. Give you resourceful information to help you become                         healthier, more  relaxed, and help you enjoy life to your fullest.


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Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site or TV series.  We do not recommend anything in this series. You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body.


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The Complementary Health TV Series™ the next series.  We are looking for topics and people to interview for the upcoming TV series.  If interest click here

  Closing of the Series: The 5 Testimonials of the guests from the TV series

Lester Robinson                      Linda Ellson

Scott Leffler

Lester Robinson and Linda Ellson will be CO-Hosting, and Special Host Scott Leffler will all be on TV show no. 41

Link to People and Organizations that helped out on the TV series.

Media Center for Lester J. Robinson III FICF,  the TV  Host of "THE ABC'S of INSURANCE COMPLEMENTARY HEALTH TV SERIES TM

Lester Robinson's Book release date is May 17, 2006, “Two Negatives Must Always Make a Positive!” 

Lester Robinson Speaking at Rochester, New York Synergy  Expo , June 3 , 2006

This weeks TV show Meridian Stress Assessment Part 3

Link to: TV show TV show number 46  December 7,  2006


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