Lester Robinson is a contributing Author for


Lester Robinson is a contributing Author to a “101 Great Ways” to Improve Your Life

Lester Robinson’s topic is called “Two Negatives Must Always Make a Positive!” is about how to remove stress from one’s life. Understand and identify the negative forces in one life, and to bring about a positive change that life.  The overview of “Positive Thinking” is to have an easy way to walk through the door of change, to a positive and enjoyable life.  To understand how certain events in your life at the time can look negative but actually turn out in the long run to be a positive event. The main theme of “Positive Thinking” is an easy way to change your life.  The theme came from “The Complementary Health TV Series™” which was a 41 episode TV series on how to reduce stress in one life, and enjoy life to the fullest that aired in Western New York from 2004 to 2005.



New Class Entitled,  "Success without Stress" to be Offered by Lester J. Robinson

Lester Robinson teaching a non credit course at  Niagara University