Lester Robinson's Journey Through His Complementary Health TV Series TM

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Lester Robinson's Journey Through His Complementary Health TV Series™

By Linda Cortese

"An Easy Way to Reduce Stress, Relax, and Enjoy Life to the Fullest - Without Wasting Time and Money"

Lester Robinson's background is diverse. He was an Eagle Scout. He graduated SUNY Brockport with a degree in Finance. After college he worked at Prudential Insurance Company for a year and since 1991 has worked for Potter, Harris & Scherrer which is part of the Northwoods Corporation. Lester holds 3 different types of insurance licenses.  P&C Broker, Life, and Health Insurances Licenses. He holds a FICF in Life Insurance planning. He is a director for the Independent Insurance Agents' Association of WNY, Inc. He ranks in the top 5 percent of insurance producers in the Northwoods Corporation.

On Lester's journey of life the opportunity presented itself for him to get inspired to do T.V. shows through the journey of Natural Complementary Health and Healing.  The mission of the series was to inform people on what complementary health is, and to inform people on how different areas of health care can improve your life, to help you live longer, be a happier person, and show people that they can do something in there life to help themselves to feel better.   The general outline of the series concerned giving people prevention ideas to help enhance one's health, mind and body, eat healthier, and to learn to Relax. All this was done through an Interactive Health T.V. series educating on Complementary Health. The purpose of the series is to be aware of other health treatments patients can use to compliment the health treatments that doctors prescribe.  Complementary Health includes, but is not limited to the following. Yoga, Meditation, the Power of Prayer, Spiritual Healing, a Natural and Organic Diet, Natural Remedies for Mental Emotional Healing using the Bach Flower Essences, Feng Shui, Stress Reduction, and how Health Insurance is looking to Complementary Health Practitioners to reduce the cost of health insurance in the future.  These complementary health techniques are explored in the health series. The following is the story that got Lester to achieve his goal and bring us his Complementary Health Series.

Between 1984-1986, Lester was helping out at the studio of Lockport Cable T.V. just in the background. In 1997 He was expanding how to market himself on T.V. His uncle Tom Sy, now deceased, asked Lester to get recertify at Lockport Cable TV and start a TV show on insurance.  In September 1997 Lester did his first TV show called the " ABC's of Insurance".  Judy Naylor, Rich Zapp, Greg Larson and Tom Riley were key people that helped Lester get the paper work accomplished for the show Erie Niagara Insurance. The show was about Vendors Insurance. Most people thought Lester would only last for 6 episodes, he is now at 102 shows. At six foot six inches Lester wanted to trim down for better health. He realized he had to lose weight. Lester lost 100 lbs to improve his health after seeing himself on the air. How did that affect what he is up to today? It made Lester a healthier person. As life went on he got engaged to Kim Hare - Lester believes that the Universe sent her to him. She was the pinnacle point in his life to see if he could go to the next level in his personal growth.  Lester says, Kim was the first step in his life to his self-discovery.  Their engagement was broken when Lester realized he and Kim were going in two different directions.  Lester feels that being with Kim helped him be more of who he is today. He had an auto accident in January 2001. He was rear ended and lost 10% of his shoulder use, and destroyed 3 discs in his back. He had taken a lot of drugs in the last 3 years from his accident. From there he started the rebuilding of his personal self, which because of his auto accident led him to Ann Branch his Massage Therapist. He was on a journey of self-discovery.  He went to Lily Dale, New York, a Spiritualist Community and found out about his own fluctuations in his own life's timeline. He found a book on Aura's and read it.  Lester says at this time in his life he felt "very depressed and blah a lost puppy that wanted to find a cause" he said. He was led to Northeast Holistic Health Center, in Williamsville, NY. He was going for a Reiki Treatment and instead he received a Crystal Healing; he didn't know the difference. Lester did and outline for a TV show about No Fault Accidents that he never got taped, that was the basis for the Complementary Health TV Series prior to his Reiki treatment, and "that is how the Complementary Health TV Series got started."   The No Fault TV show was the series format in August of 2003 that covered: Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Reducing Stress and Eating Healthy that never got started. The key point was about stress. Lester started going to Meditation classes.  He became interested in it because it was relaxing and he felt less stressful when meditating.  He met Linda M. Cortese, a Holistic Health Practitioner, at Northeast Holistic Health during a health fair from having an Iridology session with me, and we talked about Bach Flower Essences also at that time. Lester asked for one of my business cards and called me months later to be a part of the Complimentary Health Series when it was getting started. Up to this time Lester had been canvassing a lot of areas learning about Holistic Health and Wellness and experiencing its benefits.

To do the series correctly Lester wanted to learn how to interview.  He called Denise Young, former Managing Editor of Lockport Union Sun and Journal; who helped Lester do the blueprints of his Complementary Health Series. She told him how to interview people. She refined his skills on how to get his point across. She gave him the outline of how to do it. Around this time Lester's Dad in 2003 had Cancer.  Lester told his Mother how important reducing stress would be to his Father's recovery or he felt the worst would happen. Lester’s father did recover from Cancer 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  This is how Lester realized the key components of the TV Series: Reduce stress, learn to relax, enjoy your life, and eat healthy.  He realized the same applied to his auto injury recovery, as well as the break up of his engagement. Lester realized that he was healing when he reduced his stress and he realized that much of the Holistic, Complementary, Alternative Health practitioners were great proponents of how to reduce stress. That it is the key components to this whole prevention. 

Complementary medicine is proactive instead of waiting for when the problem happens and then administering treatment.  Lester believes "that if you take care of the inside of your energy field, the outside will feel better".  Lester noted that finding out about our past lives, will help you with your present live, and your future life, as it did for him.

At this point Lester worked with WNED Channel 17 on the Our Town Project; he volunteered to interview the local media of, radio, newspaper, and the Lockport Cable TV station.  He got to know people from doing this, which became for him a corner stone of the whole media part of the series.  Izzy Blackman, Paul Lamont, and Dave Rotterman helped Lester know what he was doing to perfect his skills.  He took from them what he liked and came up with his own style.  From that point on August 2004 to the end of the project, Paul Lamont helped Lester with any technical difficulties as he improved. Cindi Wittcopp and Ann Calos of Lockport Union Sun & Journal worked to help Lester with the press releases for the shows. Lester recognized the synchronicity in how his life and the series unfolded and how one person or thing led to another.  What inspired Lester now to do the series was to reduce stress, relax, and enjoy life to the fullest without wasting time and money.  This became the tag line for the entire series. Lester believes he was stirring the pot as the Universe picked every show.  "Acts of God", as Lester states.  The Inner Voice became stepping-stones to everyone on the way to the success of his project and TV series. "The Universe knew what I needed" and he became aware of how the workings of his project started taking care of themselves.  If the person was not to be on the series the equipment didn't work or difficult obstacles stood in the way of the interview.  Lester says, "The Higher Powers were helping the series do whatever it needed to do, and the series was done objectively. Lester met up with Justine Tutuska, Director of Health Care Studies Education at Daemen College who helped put the finishing touches on the title of the TV series and was also in the first show of the series. Father Richard Hunt talked on the series about the power of Prayer.  Things that happened in the past came into the future, like meeting Dr. Brian Daley M.D.  He is the balance between the Traditional and Non-traditional medicine, says Mr. Robinson.  Lester agrees that when you go into the Holistic Complementary area you need to find the balance between the two, and we need balance to surrender to the Universe. 

The Series interactive website is
www.chswlr.com . The series has over 50 different topics, which mainly deal with many different ways to reduce stress in our lives.  The interactive part of the show will help people to know what to look for on the WEB. It will assist them to find information that will help them personally to be successful in their quest to improve their health. The website now hosts 2000 viewers with almost 1000 new visitors every month.  Putting the understanding out to the public about complementary health and help find practitioners, made people realize there's more out there than traditional medicine, let others know who some of the practitioners are, and how they can be reached. "The key is once you reduce the stress in your life everything works together, and you will find credible individuals in these health fields”. The most important thing Lester has learned from the series is "the person has to want to change. Read books, listen to your body. If you are not willing to go through the door of life to the next level, it doesn't matter what you do--you will not succeed.  You will think you have been successful, but the only person you are fooling is yourself".

The fulfillment for Lester from the TV series is just that he did it, and that is its own reward. He finished, as he says, "His boot camp of life, and doing the series has brought me full circle with my life". He knows he has specifically helped 5 people’s lives improve because of the TV series through their testimonials. The testimonials spring boarded people to the next level.  Carol Cole started her home nutritional business.  Rev. Renee Karen and Dr. Tim Liffton work together in the field of Animal Communication, and went on AM Buffalo.   Larry Castellani obtained a position at Daemen College and expanded his private practice. Deborah Rose also got a job at Daemen College. Steven Hartman Yoga classes expanded at Mother Earth Studio. Kathleen Brooks got to expand her business by working with a Dentist.  “The major thing that I can say that came out of the series, is that it has helped launch people into areas they never really thought about going into”. Another example of this is Carol Cole started her home nutritional business.  Mr. Robinson's goal for the series is that 5 years from now he could meet people who say, "because of the series I reduced stress, and relaxed. It gave me new ideas, and more choices, and when I was really sick instead of feeling bad for myself, I needed to get through this for myself and my loved ones".  

Lester paid for the series out of his own pocket.  The money he would have spent for his wedding, he used to pay for the series. He gave himself enough self love, and made a marriage with his own ideas and shared his time, money, and energy with us for the betterment of others; and we who were part of the series believe he accomplished a great worthy goal, and we are glad he did.   Lester Robinson's second biggest goal to come; is to be interviewed by a national TV Show about the series, and to have his parents in the audience to see their son on national TV. I think his goal is right around the corner. Lester says, "We all learn lessons. Pieces of the puzzle come together. Fifteen years ago was not the time or the place for me to do this, but now everything fell together.  The more you open up the more expanded you get, and the more you let the Universe go with the flow.  You still have to learn. You still have to do, but the more you expand your mind the more balanced you become.  The more you give yourself up to the Universe, or up to God, the more things happen. Basically let the Universe take you were you need to go.  We still get glitches, but it' won't be so much anymore, and the rest of your life becomes better balanced. You can set your life to have a good day, and you will have a good day.  Go with the ebb and flow of life”. I asked Lester how his life is different today compared to 3 years ago. He said, "the intention you put out there, you get back".  To see all the guests on this Integrative TV Health Show aimed at improving your quality of life to the fullest, please go to the interactive website
www.chswlr.com or www.wnyinsurance-quote.com