Interview with Mason Winfield about Paranormal in Western New York


Show number 24:  Paranormal in Western New York with Mason Winfield.

Summary of Show number 24: Winfield. Mason reviews the paranormal in Western New York. How events happen that are unexplainable, by normal people with unexplainable sightings of the paranormal  We also review his 4 books that he has written.

Photo by Tom Bojanowski

Bio on Mason Winfield

Teacher, speaker and writer Mason Winfield studied English and classics at Denison University and earned a master's degree in British literature at Boston College. For thirteen years he taught at the Gow School (South Wales, NY), an independent boarding school for dyslexic boys. While at Gow he several as English Department chairman, was ranked several times among the Buffalo area's top ten tennis players, and won a 50K cross-country ski marathon. His interests include history, mythology, and the paranormal (with a special fondness for Celtic lore and literature). He has deep convictions about education, and may have some words on that score somewhere down the road. He 'plans more projects aimed at presenting the insights of the past to the present, and presenting a living world with the possibility that there might be another level to it all.

Mason Winfield is a author of four books, and speaks and writes on a variety of mystical and paranormal topics, including Celtic and Iroquois folklore, East Aurora’s Roycroft community, Western New York’s psychic and religious history and the general study of the paranormal.

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Books by Mason Winfield

1. Shadows of the Western Door.

2. Haunted Places of Western New York

3. A Ghosthunter’s Journal

4. Spirtis of the Great Hill


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