Thank You from Lester J. Robinson & The Complementary Health TV Series TM

People to Thank for helping me out in this TV Series:


I would like to say thank you to all who help out on the series, and thank you for watching the TV series.

This series has helped me personal grow, meet lots of new people, and personal learn more about the complementary health field.  I had an enjoyable time doing this series. To put this series into an overview it was like the way doors open to make this an very interesting TV series to do.

LCTV staff:

Tom Riley

Rich Zapp

Judy Naylor

Greg Larson

The Alephia Cable Erie County: To Rick and his whole staff

Marian Hannigan

Kirsten Blackley

Angela Blackley

Dave LaNasa

Daemen College

Online Buffalo Tony & Todd

Denise Young

Anne Calos & Lockport Union - Sun & Journal Staff

Paul Lamont of WNED channel 17

David Rotterman of WNED channel 17

John Murphy of WKBW channel 7

Scott Leffler of WLV 1340 am

Aga Dembinsty WLVL 1340 am

Dr. Brian Dailey

Cheryl Furey


Mary Beth Weir

Tony LaNasa

Liana Lorigo, Ph.D.

Beth Rosten

Jack Scherrer

The whole staff at Northwoods

Brad Cole

David Cox

Ava Sammarco

Philip Garis

Justine Tutuska

Justin Rolwand

Peg Sue

Robert Karaszewski

Cole Media

Mother Earth Studios

Jackie Flanigan

Joan Haubeil

John Fisher

Carol Sauka

Jo Lynne Gianvecchio – Valerie

Lets go Buffalo TV show

Shawn Liegl

Ann Branch LMT

Kathleen Noonan

Alisa Parlette

Charlie Deacon

Linda Ellson

Rev. Renee Karen

 Cassandra Bauerle

The Staff of Walmart in Lockport and Niagara Falls

The Staff at Kmart in Niagara Falls

Jackson Music Center

Guitar Center

Stereo Advantage

Amherst Record

Angelica Morrison

Metro Commuity News

Buffalo News

Liana M. Lorigo, Ph.D

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