Reflexology with Kathleen Brooks

Summary of Show number 14

Summary of show: Topic 14, The show will review reflexology and Natural Facial Practitioner.

Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site or TV series.  We do not recommend anything in this series.  You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body

Bio on Kathleen Ellen Brooks

 Licensed Cosmetologist

Certified Reflexologist

Reike Master

Incorporated reflexology with all spa services, specializing in natural products and aromatherapy for manicures, pedicures and facials.

Studied skin anatomy and physiology

Stress release and detoxifying procedures for facials.

Did relaxation techniques in Israsel.

Reflexology is a science.  Relexes on the hands and feet correspond to all organs and glands of the body. It helps with stress and tension , giving blood flow to the body and helps nerves create balance to all systems.

For a reflexology appointment call Kaye Brooks at 688-4444

Versailles Salon & day spa is located at 1325 N. Forest

Kaye Brooks doing  Reflexology

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