Nature's Wisdom Magazine


Show number 25


This show is an interview with Jo Lynne Gianvecchio – Valerie Publisher & Executive Editor of Nature’s Wisdom Magazine.  Jo Lynne goes over the theme and mission of the magazine. She explains that this magazine is about natural health and environmental awareness. The topic in the magazine ranges from paths to wellness, lifestyles & perspectives, holistic wellness, and local events, to help the reader become more educated on different forms of natural health. The magazine has more than 10 columnists that write many different health related stories. The magazine is disturbed free around the Rochester, and Western New York area. The main goal is to educated people about different natural ways to be a healthier person.

Nature's Wisdom Magazine is a Western, New York's free magazine for holistic health, and environmental awareness. Each issue, find articles on the topics you want to learn about most... Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Herbs, Vitamins, Natural Wellness and Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit... it's all inside Nature's Wisdom Magazine!

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Nature’s Wisdom now in the Buffalo New York