Lester J. Robinson


Summary of Show # 1

 Opener Interview featuring series host Lester Robinson FICF interviewed by local Lockport celebrity Scott Leffler host of a talk radio show on WLVL 1340 AM  radio"

   In this segment Lester Robinson FICF, DTM discusses the definition and purpose of complementary health is additional treatments that patients can use to complement the health treatments doctors prescribe. Complementary health includes, but is not limited to, Yoga, Feng Shui, natural and organic diet. power of prayer, pet  communication and stress reduction. These complementary health techniques are explored in the health series. Producers- of the series recommends you consult your doctor before implementing any of these procedures in your health care regimen.


Bio of Lester J. Robinson FICF


Lester Robinson has been on TV since 1998 with the ABC’s of INSURANCE. The main reason I am doing this series is that I had and auto accident, and my father had cancer. We learned 4 important things about getting better or in my case dealing with the pain. 

1. Learn to relax

2. Reduce stress in your life

3. Power of pray and the belief in God

4. Do what your Doctors tells you to do.


I hope this series will inform you and help you to the road you are looking for in your life.

Lester J. Robinson III Biography