How Crystals and Stones help you with daily Meditation with Alisa Parlette

TV Show no. 35

Summary of this TV interview Alisa Parlette will show how crystals and stones help you in your daily meditation.  Alisa also reviews how different Crystals and Stones work in your daily life.

Alisa Parlette

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Bio on Alisa Parlette

Alisa earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 1999.  

She noticed in 2001, that her psychic abilities she had since a child became stronger and so she began her spiritual journey. She started with Intuitive Development I - a six week course with Rev. Cynthia Scott at Love & Light in Lockport. She then wanted to develop her abilities more and she began Psychic Development- she studied 4 months with Rev. Jacqueline Lunger - a certified medium from Lily Dale.

She began doing readings at her house and practicing meditation for over 3 years and many people asking “How do you do that”, Alisa decided to teach a beginners course to help those wanting to learn more about meditation. She has taught classes for meditation and given psychic readings at Mother Earth Studio since June 2004.

In 2005 Alisa will be opening her web retail store called DIVINE INSPIRATIONS. The store will carry Bibles, Books on all religions, Books on Mental & Physical disabilities, candles, crystals, jewelry, music CD’s for meditation, yoga & relaxation, DVD’s for children’s entertainment. She is married and has 2 boys age 13 & 15.

Intro to Meditation with teacher Alisa Parlette 

Meditation classes are an 8 week course which covers the basics of meditation, the history, correct posture, length of time to meditate, guided meditations and various types of music and instruments used for meditation. Each week handouts are given and reviewed along with class discussions. Remaining class time will be for meditations and further discussions. Meditation journals and handouts are given by the teacher. A meditation tape is also given to students so they can practice at home. The last two classes are on the seven energy points called the Chakra's, which covers their locations, colors and purposes. Meditations done during these classes will work on the balancing of the chakras. A CD of the meditation is also given for students to continue with balancing.

Cost of Meditation class is $6.00 each class. Which can be paid each week or a one time payment of $48.00 either by cash or check? Check's made payable to the instructor.
Intro Classes are held on:
Tuesday's 10am - 11am
Thursday's 7pm -8pm

Please wear comfortable clothes. Meditations are done in a chair- This is a comfortable position for individuals with lower back injury's or other health related concerns. Friendly & peaceful environment- Another class will begin soon, so please call (716) 434-4509 to register for the next course or email me at .

Open Free meditation circles are a great follow up for those who took the Intro course and for anyone who wants to meditate with a group and meet with other like minded individuals!

Circles held on:
Monday's 7pm - 8pm.
Tuesday's 11am - noon.
Thursday's 6pm - 7pm.
(Donations are accepted)

I offer my assistance for those searching inner peace through meditation and self discovery. I will guide you on your path honestly and professionally. Through my class I will teach you how meditation can reduce stress in your life and help you to grow spiritually.

My Background: I have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I studied psychic development with Rev. Jacqueline Lunger- Certified Medium from Lily Dale. Intuitive Development with Rev. Cindi Scott from Love & Light in Lockport.

Call Mother Earth Studio in Lockport about Free Meditation or E mail Alisa at : to find out about more times and dates for free Meditation.

phone number 716-433-8782


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