REV. Renee Karen Animals Tips


Ten tips on how to communicate with your pets by
Rev. Renee Karen, Animal Communicator 1-716-284-8400

1. How to you greet your pet every day? Do you just
brush her or him aside and watch TV or go to your

Answer:  Animals have feelings so please remember
to give them your full attention.  Look them in their
eyes and talk to them.

2. Learn how to heal your animal by having Divine
Healing as part of your daily ritual with your pet. 
3. Make sure your pet goes to the Veterinarian at least
 twice a year for his shots and mental out look.

4. Have you ever wondered why your animals are moody or annoyed? Why your cats spray your rugs or your dogs chew the furniture?  Instead of asking what is wrong with your animals, the first question you need to ask is what is wrong with    your household that is causing this animal behavior.

5. If you are going to relocate or have an addition to your family, please make            sure your pet knows as well. In this way he or she will not be threaten.
   Speak to them as you would your own children.

6. Pets are not afraid to die. You are. Be sensitive to their needs. No animal should live in pain.

7. Treat your animal as you would like to be treated…with respect.

8. When purchasing an animal look into his/her eyes and see the windows of his/or soul.

9. When your animal passes, show respect of his/or life with a memorial service to give closure for you and your family.

10.  Allow your animal to really be part of your family and see how their health and happiness flourish.

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