The Journey of Making My CD Honoring Spirit: By  Linda M. Cortese

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The Journey of Making My CD Honoring Spirit

 By  Linda M. Cortese

There is a saying “Think a Thought…Reap the Action” for me this saying has become a life experience. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Medium, and Teacher of the Healing Arts and Sciences Meditation was always the basis to go to Spirit and receive guidance and inspiration for me each day.


Spirit spoke to me and I answered without questioning if I could do it.  There was education behind me, but the coming out, so to speak, on the matter can be a different story. I reflected on what I learned as a student of Dr. Deepak Chopra and through my own Source guidance developed the entire CD my self. Each part came to me flowingly and easily, and I had a confidence and peace within me that this project was truly being guided for me. I developed each of the parts in response to an inner voice on how others would know, with more assurance and certainty, of what they were receiving through Meditation.  We all desire more clarity from spirit, and this CD was a way for me to reach many people with their journey. The producing studio and technicians just opened up for me just by asking Spirit to send me people who I could go to get this work produced. I started mentioning if anyone knew who did this type of work, and I received 2 phone calls with names and studio leads quickly.


I had a specific look I wanted to achieve for my CD. I wanted an elegant looking Angel holding a book.  The graphic studios searched with all their files and talent and, believe it or not, they could not come up with my requests. After numerous searches on this behalf, I started to come to learn that Spirit had a design for me. It was for me to paint the artwork myself.   I thought this was humorous; since I had not painted in a long time.  I didn’t think of ever doing the entire CD myself, especially with all the technology available today. I got out my watercolor paper, paint, and brushes and just started to draw.  The picture just literally flowed from me. It was completed in a week, and I really had fun creating with Spirit.


What came to be was Spirit’s hand in every part of this CD on my behalf.  The multi-media company now was able to take my guided direction from Spirit, and this CD design speedily came into being. The background music was produced by my guidance.  I told the technicians what I wanted and that happened just as spontaneously as the art work. Each reading of the content material was all produced in 1 take.  This is my first total conscious project with my partner Spirit. It is an endeavor I wish you may also experience.

Many Blessings Listening to the CD,

Linda M. Cortese, HHP, BFRP


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