Philosophy of Medicine with Dr. Larry Castellani


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 PhiIosophy of Medicine: Professor Larry Castellani who runs the philosophy department at Niagara County Community College explains to viewers the idea of medicine in relation to helping the body health itself.

Professor Larry Castellani shows viewers how disease, treatment and illness intertwine and how trust and communication with your health care practitioner is essential to healing. The professor explores what it means to make a person healthy, taking health beyond consuming medicine and examining the condition of the person as a whole.

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Bio: of Dr. Larry Castellani

Dr. Larry Castellani is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Niagara County Community College.  He teaches courses in history of philosophy, religion, aesthetics, ethics and political philosophy.  in addition, he advises the Philosophy Club and the Meditation Club.

Dr. Castellani lectures in the community on religion, politics and healing. He Teaches courses on meditation and does workshops in spirituality and mysticism. also he does individual, private sessions in the spiritual experience of radical wakening to higher consciousness.

Dr. Castellani is married and lives in N. Tonawanda, NY

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