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Put healthy thriving fresh flowers or plants with rounded leaves in the East.

Survey home for sharp edges or points.

Clear the Clutter!

Find balance between yin and yang.

Keep kitchen tidy.

Sleep with your head against a solid wall for support.

Let the sun shine in!

Use full spectrum light bulbs

Add a fresh bowl of fruit  to your kitchen or dining room table as a healthy offering of abundance for the household.

Use natural fibers like cotton to sleep on. Synthetics like cotton/poly blends amplify EMF.


Linda Ellson, president and owner, of Feng Shui Your Worldä is a Certified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner. She is a graduate of the American School of Classical Feng Shui and has been a student of metaphysical and spiritual studies for the past 12 years.  Having practiced both Western and Classical Feng Shui, Linda helps clients receive enhanced results with the classical approach. Experienced in residential and workplace Feng Shui, Linda consults with clients in a variety of settings and assists clients both in their existing spaces and in selecting a new home or office space, providing comprehensive services throughout North America. She also has appeared regionally on television, radio and in newsprint.

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This show is about how Feng Shui , and how it helps you relax , and helps you heal. Linda goes over different items, and how they work to create balance and Harmon in your world. There will also be Feng Shui tips all through the series.”

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