Summary of Show # 8

Items to help you Relax: Angela Blackley shares information on teas and herbs that can assist with relaxation.

Blackley revealed information on how consuming tea helps reduce stress and relax your body. Using candles and oils help reduce stress as well. Blackley explained how herbs work and what kind of benefits they offer your body and your overall well being. She recommends you talk with your doctor about the herbs you are using.


Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site or TV series.  We do not recommend anything in this series. You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body

Phone number: 716-439-5144

Location 402 West Ave Lockport, NY 14094


Herbal Magick inc Awsome Sale in Lockport , New York

We started Herbal Magick about three years ago, putting together the ideas and doing the research for the store. We finally opened in April of 2004.
 We wanted to offer a shop that is unique to this area and offers a great product for a reasonable price.  I think we accomplished this, but truth be told, It is YOU that needs to decide.
I would like to invite you to stop in and smell the magick of a new store in Lockport.
Herbal Magick tries to cater to the needs of cooks, tea drinkers, Wiccan and other religious backgrounds, restaurants, and holistic practitioners alike.
With our full line of culinary herbs, spices, extracts.
We have everything from Jamaican Allspice to Wasabi powder.
As for as the tea drinkers....
There are 48 different varieties of tea, Chicory, Yerba Mate, Carob, and we are just getting started.
We have about 300 hundred different botanicals from Angelica to Valerian for all your holistic and supplemental needs.
The shop is set up to be self serve, but we are more than happy to help our customers, Just ask.
The self service is a better way to get your herbs, spices and teas, No more throwing away spices that age in your cupboard. You buy what you need, when you need it!
Our herbs NEVER stay in eatable form after 6 monthes when they are replaced and either transformed to non edible state or thrown away.
We guarantee a fresh product always!
We have a full line of aromatherapy oils, that are just outstanding and priced well.
We have a variety of things to make your own incense, perfumes, massage oils, and bath salts.  Made to order, you choose the fragrance or take them home and make your own!
For the decorator and gift giver, we offer Magic Sky fountains, These are the fountains that create a fog, instead of just the running water effect.They are excellent as an aromatherapy diffuser and to add moisture to the air.  They are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase and Palantic with Herbal Magick, inc stand by this! Excellent fountain, great price and super quality! Not to mention they just look cool!
We offer salt lamps and a huge variety of different stones, crystals, books, and jewelry.
Soy wax candles made with real essential oils that are made locally (in Buffalo area) and real hand made corn brooms, also made locally.
Our incense is to die for. Made by hand by: Anna's incense
A lot of the gift items are made by local artists, which guarantees you will have a unique one of a kind item or gift.
We try and employ or help out the local artist as much as possible.
Keep in touch ! Herbal Magick is just getting started. The plan for the next three years is more than doubling the botanical inventory, teas, spices, herbs.
There are new things being added every week.
We just started getting in liquid herbal extracts made by Gaia herbs.  The quality is outstanding and the prices are competitive.
We recently started offering Tarot and rune readings by appointment only, call the shop for further details. AND we carry our reflexologist, Julie Halifax, Gift certificates, at a discounted rate. You buy the certificate and schedule the appointment, at your convenience. WOW  what a gift!!
If you have a question, ask it,  If I don't know the answer. I will find it! (Angela)
Really all this gabbing over the shop is to just say...........
Stop in and check us out!  You will be pleasantly surprised with our selection and the real customer service that you will always get at Herbal Magick!
Also be amazed at the amount of stuff I can cram into a 500 foot store and still make it feel homey.
We are wheelchair accessible,  Parking in the rear of the building with a ramp leading to the back door.


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