Power of Prayer : story of John Pirinelli


Summary of Show # 3

 The Power of Prayer: Niagara County resident, Ruth Pirinelli, who's nephew was in the service shares how prayer helped her nephew recover from Iraq war injuries.

Ruth Pirinelli shares her family's very personal experience of how her nephew recovered from war injuries. After he was injured, about 500 people attended a prayer service. They prayed for her nephew and others over seas. Ruth Pirinelli said her nephew mad a miraculous recovery. The doctors said it was the fastest recovery they've seen so far.

Bio: on Ruth Pirinelli

IRuth Pirinelli was born and raised in Niagara County. I am one of three children born to wonderful parents. I left the area in 1969 and lived in California until 1984 when I returned to my hometown.  I have three daughters and five grandchildren. I have worked for the Superintendent of Schools in a local school district since September 1984. I have been a member of St. Matthew
Lutheran Church since I returned to the area.

                           John Pirinelli


Prayer has always been important to the Pirinelli family.  All the children of the family attended Lutheran School, and we have all attended church regularly.  The pastor of our church has always taught us that God never promised us that we would not have ups and downs in life, but what He has promised us is that He will always carry us through life's struggles. All we have to do is ask.  On July 28, 2004, John was shot by enemy small arms fire in Iraq while he
was on a mission with the Army.  He was thousands of miles away, and we all knew that the best thing we could do for him was pray and ask others to do the same.  And so we began a prayer campaign for John, for our family members that were traveling to be with him as he fought for his life, and for all our troops and their families.
We can't be on the front lines in combat, but we can all be on the front lines in prayer. God is more powerful than any bullet from the enemy.  The result of the thousands of prayers that have gone up for John is that he not only survived, but he is progressing so rapidly in his recovery at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. that his medical team is just amazed. We're not! God answers all our prayers. Sometimes the answer is "yes" and sometimes it's "no." This time it was a quick "yes," and we will be forever grateful to Him who loves us and cares for us from moment to moment each and every day.  What a great way to live, knowing
that all our cares and worries can be taken care of with a quick request to the Good Lord up above. The only thing we must do is ask and then trust that God knows what is best for us even though at times we might not understand.

Thank you, God, and God Bless America!