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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Complementary Health ?

A.Complementary Health is an essential component of wellness.

Complementary Health employs nontraditional practices and products to supplement or enhance traditional, modern, or mainstream medicine and health care and emotional balance.

Complementary Health is utilized to help consumers reduce stress, relax, and enjoy life to the fullest without wasting time and money.

Q.Why not call it Complimentary Health with an I?

A.You could but that moniker falls short of what is in the best interest of consumers.

Complimentary with an I suggests something side by side or in tandem.

Complementary Health with an e suggests finishing off or making whole.

Q.What are some of the practices and products of Complementary Health ?

A.Practices and products are many and varied.

They offer current and prospective consumers diversity, exploration or trial, and choice.

Practices may include but are not limited to meditation, massage, yoga, Reiki, controlled breathing, and even prayer.

Some products are herbs, teas, and candles.

Q.How do we know Complementary Health works?

A.Mainstream medicine has long acknowledged the power of Complementary
Health even though these nontraditional practices have not always been widely popular or categorized by one term as they are now.

Q.How can I learn more about Complementary Health ?

A.Let Les Robinson be your guide.

Les is a public access TV host for a long-running series on Complementary Health TV Series™ that is both innovative and interactive.

 Les is both a consumer and an advocate.

Les is an authority who is teaming up with practitioner Linda Cortese to write a guide to Complementary Health .

Les is respected by Complementary Health practitioners, because of his knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Les is a resource person providing an opportunity for practitioners and consumers
To link up via the Internet at .