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Summary of Show number 9

Topic # 9 Foster Parents: Kathleen Noonan, foster parent worker, shares with viewers how life style benefits of becoming a foster parent and the stress releaving and relaxation benefits as well.

Noonan explores the job of foster parents and explains how both children and foster parents can benefit from the family arraignment. She shares how by becoming a foster parent you can enjoy life more, get your energy back and even stress reduction and increase relaxation. But most importantly, becoming a foster parent will bring balance family life to foster children.

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Bio on Kathleen Noonan

Ever since receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Jacksonville University, Kathleen Noonan has been working with youth in out-of-home care. She has been with KidsPeace since 2001.  Her current role with KidsPeace is to provide training for current foster parents and to recruit new ones. She has seen first hand the powerful impact that one person can make on a child.  While helping change the future of a child in need, you can change your own path.  Improved health can be a byproduct of giving back to children and families in need.

Being a foster parent isn’t for everyone.  But if thoughts of keeping yourself young by surrounding yourself with children and sharing your knowledge with the next generation appeal to you, call us at 716-438-2080 or check out our website to find out more.

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