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Topic #15 Children Health: Interview with AJ DiPota talks about the aspects of children's health.

Summary of Show: A.J. diPota shares his experience he's had with his child and how the March of Dimes helped him and his family. He tells viewers that the organization helps family members reduce stress and relax when dealing with the medical problems of a newborn.

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 Born and raised in the Western New York area, I have, like a lot of others in the area, worked in many different companies and different industries. I have worked in wireless retail stores, automotive dealerships, and finally insurance companies. I have worked for many different types of people, and I honestly can say that I have learned from each of them.
I decided to start my own company, because like other entrepreneurs out there, I felt that by taking the reins of my future, was the only way I could really control where my future goes, and how it gets there.
I belong to and volunteer for some really great organizations in the local area, and I would like to "plug" them here.
March of Dimes I am an Ambassador Father for the Prematurity Campaign. My daughter, Sophia, was born 3 months premature, and weighed in at only 1 pound 14 ounces. She has had many challenges in her life already, but she always comes through, and for that we can be thankful for the great care she received at Women's & Children's Hospital of Buffalo, where she spent many a night in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU. Without the help of the March Of Dimes, NICU's would probably not be in existence. The March of Dimes also funds research for new and effective treatments for "preemies" including SURFACTANT which was developed here in the WNY area! Please see the LINKS page for more information on the March of Dimes.

 Amherst Chamber Of Commerce This organization is great for teaching newcomers to the business world about starting up and running their own business. Networking events allow members to get together and form friendships, and get referrals for their business to grow. I highly recommend that you contact them in order to get on the right path to SUCCESS!

Buffalo Niagara Sales And Marketing Executives This group is unique because it offers its members and their guests, the opportunity to network, and to learn new techniques, or theories on a monthly basis. Monthly dinner meetings have prominent speakers that educate the audience on different aspects of growing their businesses, no matter what size they may already be. There is always room for growth. For more information on the BNSME, please see

 Junior Achievement This group provides real world financial education to school aged children, so that maybe as they go out into the world, they won't make the same mistakes that we as educators probably made. The curriculum that I teach is called Personal Finances. While the topic may sound like something that middle school kids wouldn't find exciting, they do like to learn about how the market system works, how they should dress and act during a job interview, what to put on your resume, and how to find a job.

The PRIDE Center Of Western New York Since August of 2004, I have been conducting free, informal "conversations" about financial planning for the GLBT Community. The reason for these "conversations" is simple. People need to know, so they can prepare. Most financial planners do not know the intricacies involved in financial planning with gay and lesbian couples, and it's not their fault, as many of the aspects are not covered in classes or books. I have compiled information from numerous sources, including a prominent gay rights attorney, to be able to bring this information to the people who need to know. Now you may be thinking, "What is he getting out of all of this?". Well, being in the insurance business, it is always nice to meet new people, and to earn new clients, and I hope that through my "conversations" people will think of us for their life, long term care and annuity needs. For dates of upcoming "conversations" please see the UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR @