The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

There is a Higher Power which is the fundamental force of life and it can heal. Bruno Groening (1906-59) had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy (life force, chi, divine power) and through his simple teachings, made it available to everybody.

He died in 1959, but even today, thousands of people experience help and healing worldwide through his teachings. In an international Medical-Scientific Group, physicians record and prove these healings.

We now have these very same communities available to us and recording the miraculous healings happening here in Western New York.
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Welcome to the Bruno Groning Circle of Friends

Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Groening is medically verifiable!

- What was common knowledge in all the advanced civilizations through the ages

- what famous doctors of modern medicine

(Paracelsus, Hahnemann...) put to use - what science has been able to confirm through some basic discoveries


There is a Higher power which is the fundament of life and it can heal! It has been given many names: life force, vital energy ("Vis vitalis"), prana, chi, Divine power.

Bruno Groening had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy and through his simple teachings he made it available to everybody.
The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is an informal gathering of people who have recognised the value of Bruno Groening's teachings. These are passed on in hundreds of groups which meet around the world. Instruction is given for the proper physical and mental attitude necessary for .the absorption of Divine power. The "healing stream", which is clearly perceptible in the body, gives help and healing, even in cases of chronic, degenerative and serious organic illnesses.

"Trust and believe that Divine energy helps and heals." (Bruno Groening)

The great number of healings that occur are documented in accordance with clinical anemneses. The MWF (the German name for the Medical-Science Group is Medizinisch-Wlssenschaftliche Fachgruppe and the initials MWF are standard for all languages) in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, a forum of several thousand doctors and other professionals associated with healing, checks the reports and when possible, compiles documentations with medical comments based on the findings of independent doctors.

Everybody is free to consult a doctor in addition to receiving spiritual healing. In his lifetime, Bruno Groening welcomed a collaboration with doctors. However, In accordance with the way he worked, there are no medical consultations, examinations or treatments in the Circle of Friends.
Affiliation to the Circle is voluntary and free of charge. There are also no national, ideological or cultural ties. All activities are free of charge. Costs are met by voluntary donations.


Welcome to the Bruno Gröening Circle of Friends
Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning is medically verifiable!



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