TV Show no. 38

Summary of TV show:  Summary of TV show will be on healthy cooking. Bethany Halbreich of Bethany’s International Kitchen will be making a very healthy menu on the show.  The location  of this show will be at Quick Dish Kitchen in Williamsville, New York.  Jennifer Giegel is the owner of Quick Dish Kitchen, and has lets us come in, and cook at her business. Bethany goes over how to make a very healthy and natural food dish called Moroccan 5 Vegetable Cous Cous.

Quick Dish Kitchen

458 Evans Street

Willliamsville, NY 14221



Information on Jennifer Giegel owner of Quick Dish Kitchen


458 Evans Street (at Sheridan)                                                   Williamsville,New York

716-634-DISH (3474)


Business opened in February 2005

Customers can prepare "family-sized" meals from fresh ingredients prepped by the staff at Quick Dish. AU recipes serve.. or can be divided up.

Menus change monthly and consist of recipes conceived by Jennifer that a spins on local favorites and dishes that are unique to other areas of the country.

In June, Jennifer has developed recipes" that will keep your kitchen cool!"
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Group photo at Quick Dish Kitchen of Lester Robinson, Bethany Halbreich and, Jennifer Giegel: Doing the TV show, healthy cooking with Bethany International Kitchen.

Special Thank you to Jennifer Giegel owner of Quick Dish Kitchen for letting us, use her kitchen for the TV show.





Quick Dish Kitchen Dinner made simple Williamsville, NY