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Kelly Angelic Tobin of Skincare Illuminain shows how energy and massage work together to help people feel better.  Kelly reviews the different ways integrative facial and body therapy helps one to reduce stress, relax, and life a healthier life.  She gives an overview of the different therapies she uses to help people feel better and healthier about them. Kelly also touches on reflexology, the ancient art which focuses applied pressure and/ or energy to particular reflex points located on the feet. These points are believes to have a direct connection with every part, cell and organ of the human body. Kelly also shows examples or how energy works and to help people to remove energy blockage in there body to help them heal.

Bio on Kelly Angelic Tobin

     Kelly Angelic Tobin is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist, certified in Esthetics and Reflexology. Throughout the past 24 years, Kelly Angelic received training and work experience in areas such as : Basic and Advanced Esthetics, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Color Therapy, a wide variety of Bodywork, Yoga and Nutrition. She developed a "hand yoga" routine for tired over-worked hands and teaches it to her clients. This routine helps to keep hands strong and limber, relieve pain and hopefully prevent arthritis.
     With over 9 years of professoinal experience working in a progressive Day Spa, which specialized in skincare, Kelly Angelic opened Skincare Illuminaire in Lewiston NY. She practices Integrative Facial & Body Therapy. Taking a "WHOLE-LISTIC" approach, Kelly Angelic combines a variety of modalities to better serve her clients. Some of the services offered are: Facial treatments for all skin types and conditions, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Salt Glows, Mud and Herbal Body Wraps, Full Body Exfoliation, Sinus Relief Treatments and more.

 You can reach Kelly Angelic Tobin @ (716) 754-0713 email @


Services offered by Skincare Illumiaire

All of these services help your body to relax. If you have any questions on these services call Kelly at 716-754-0713.

1. Spa Packages

2. Illuminessence

3. Traditional Massage

4. Meditation

5. Full Body Exfoliation

6. Salt Glow

7. Rose Glow

8. Lavender body Glow

9. Cell-U-Rid

10. European Mud Pack

11. Sine-U-Fress

12. Reflexology

13. Facial

14. Mini Facial

15. Aromatherapy Shiatsu

16. Eye Treatment

17. Neck/Decolletage

18. Neck/ Decolletage & Eye

19. Natural Manicure

20. Natural Pedicure

21. Massage Therapy

22. Hot Stone Massage

23. Raindrop Therapy

24. Herbal Body Wrap


Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site or TV series. We do not recommend anything in this series.  You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body