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Summary of show # 11

 Pet Communication and How Pets Help the Healing Process: Interview with Reverend Renee Karen and Dr. Tim Liffiton exposes how communicating with your pet can aide the healing process.

The reverend and doctor discussed with viewers how pets help humans heal, relax and reduce stress. They also emphasized the importance of caring for your pet by keeping visits to the veterinarian updated and taking you pet to the veterinarian when it is sick. They also explored the negative affect a sick pet can have- on- you own wellness.

                                   Bio: on Rev. Renee Karen

Rev. Renee Karen is a non-denominational minister in the Healing arts. She has practiced her energy healing for nearly 40 years. Her special talents for pet communication began only three years ago. She knows that it is a "gift from God" since she never was an animal lover. Rev. Renee is a storyteller. She will give you many true and heartfelt success stories on animals she has helped to heal. She has an energetic personality that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. You will be entertained as well as informed on all aspects of healing you and your precious pets.
Dr. Timothy Liffiton is a retired veterinarian who assists Rev. Renee Karen in analyzing pet's medical and behavior problems. Dr. Liffiton uses his skills as a veterinarian to evaluate any problems that would indicate your pet's illness. Dr. Liffiton has been a veterinarian for over 27 years. Together, Rev. Renee and Dr. Tim will be able to help you discover what your pets have to tell you about their medical or behavior problems.
2. What positive effects does this topic have on your
body, and soul?
The animals have a divine soul. They can read our hearts and minds. They have the ability to

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 Rev. Renee Karen & Dr. Tim Liffiton

Rev. Renee & Ebony

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