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This show is about how to relax, reduce stress, and enjoy one life.  Amy Koban is the owner of Amy K’s Mystick Boutique in Lewiston.  The main theme of the show is how to ground oneself, which helps you to relax.  Amy goes over the technique in how to ground oneself to help one relax. Amy will be teaching a course on this in Lily Dale in August of 2005. The basic the goal is to help one to meditate better, and to deal with the day-to-day stress in everybody life. The basic necessary grounding techniques needed for safely working with energy sensation. Will also brieifly discuss active and passive grounding to help those who have difficulty in meditating or grounding oneself. She also shows how to low ones brainwaves cycles systematically from Beta to Alpha state, which has been found to lower one blood pressure and reduce stress as well.



Amy Koban

Bio: on Amy K

Magick with a “K

Mag~ick n 1. Spelled with a K to distinguish it from Stage Magic or slight of hand.        

2. The practice of affecting the material world, (or other planes of existence) through non-material or mystical means.

In this class Amy will cover theory and meditative practice. She will discuss the two basic categories of Magick; religious and non-religious along with their sub-categories including prayer, blessing, timing, and astrological consideration and using color in spellwork. The meditative portion of this workshop will include:

1)Basic necessary grounding techniques needed for safely working with energy and familiarizing yourself with energy related sensation. We will briefly discuss active and passive grounding(helpful to those who have difficulty meditating or grounding).
2)Lowering brainwave cycles systematically from Beta to Alpha to introduce the student to effective visualization and meditative state. Alpha has been found to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels as well.

Amy K is a 2nd Degree Priestess in the Cabot/Science Tradition of Salem MA. She has been a student & practitioner of the Tarot since 1990. Having been a student of psychology as well, she combines problem solving skills, intuition and spirituality to form a new perspective on your life and it’s journeys. As owner and teacher at Amy K’s Mystick Boutique in historic Lewiston NY, she has been instructing students in Wicca, Astrology, Spellwork and Tarot since 2002. Amy has been a member of the Wiccan community since 1991, studying and practicing as a solitary Witch. She has studied under the Rev. High Priestess Laurie Cabot in Salem MA, becoming skilled at integrating brain wave cycles with problem solving, inner vision and the application of correct energies. She has since completed her Reiki II certification as well. Amy is now dedicated to helping and healing others of many beliefs and backgrounds, dispelling misinformation about Witchcraft and promoting peace and tolerance for all.

Amy K’s

Mystick Boutique

4613 Military Rd

Niagara Falls, NY 14305



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