Wegmans Nature Food , and Natural and Organgic food with Sandy Ridgway


Summary of Show # 4

Natural Food: Sandy Ridgway from Wegman's grocery store shares with viewers the benefits of consuming natural foods and what Wegman's has to offer in the field of natural foods.

Sandy Ridgway explains how Wegmans began to offer natural and organic food products. She shares with viewers how natural and organic foods are grown, processed and how the foods can meet special dietary needs of a variety of individuals. Sandy Ridgway also suggests you consult with your doctor before changing your diet.


Sandy Ridgway

Bio on Sandy Ridgway


Moved to New York in 1998 - Stated working for Wegman’s in 1998 in Nature’s Market. Have 2 sons ( Mike and Kevin) Love what I do at Wegman’s helping customers make good choices in the eating and supplements.  Am very excited about the path of Organics and the recognition it is finally been receiving.


Wegmans Nature’s Marketplace


“Organic farmers maintain the balance of nature, protect the water supply, and improve the soil by eliminating synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, using birds and insects to control pests, and tilling weeds and rotating crops the “old-fashioned way.”  This is good for the environment, good for the farmers,and good for you!”

“quoted from September 2004 Wegmans ad”

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I would like to Thank Sandy Ridgway and the staff at the Sheridan Dr. Wegman’s in Williamsville, NY for all there help.

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