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Summary of Show Jutta Graf talked about how the Circle of Friends is expanding in all over the world with spiritual healing.The show taked about how to join the circle of friends in Western New York.


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There is a Higher Power which is the fundamental force of life and it can heal. Bruno Groening (1906-59) had very precise, intuitive knowledge of this energy (life force, chi, divine power) and through his simple teachings, made it available to everybody.
He died in 1959, but even today, thousands of people experience help and healing worldwide through his teachings. In an international Medical-Scientific Group, physicians record and prove these healings.
We now have these very same communities available to us and recording the miraculous healings happening here in Western New York.
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BIO on Jutta Graf

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

 Jutta Graf has been active in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends for nine years. Her interest in spiritual healing started after her mother had received a significant healing that stopped a recommended amputation of the right leg because of circulatory problems and severe open sores of the foot.  She wanted to know more about spiritual healing and about the teachings of Bruno Groening and the work of the Circle of Friends.

 Jutta had been suffering from severe lower back pains, painful cramps in her esophagus, and other minor ailments at that time and experienced healing in all of the complaints in a short period of time after she joined the Circle of Friends community in her area.

Then she continued her involvement by starting a children’s community in her home town of Bayreuth, Germany, because the needs of the children were so great. She has done this work for seven years now. Jutta took over as community leader for the Circle of Friends in that city one year later and is now also the caretaker for the Inner Circle of Detroit. This involves support for the Inner Circle Leader, Rich Leo, helping him to manage and care for the communities of St. Paul, MN,

 Chicago,  IL, Midland , MI, Detroit, MI, and the two communities in Buffalo, as well as the communities of Niagara Falls, NY and Rochester, NY.

This is Jutta Graf’s fourth time in the United States where she has participated in three North American Conferences of the Circle of Friends.

Jutta lives in Bayreuth, Germany, in the heart of Bavaria, not far from the city of Munich, with her husband, Karl Heinz and their 17 –year old son. Their 36 year -old daughter is married and has one child and lives in a nearby town

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