ABC’S OF INSURANCE “ Complementary Health TV Series™”

TOPIC: Philosophy of Medicine


The “Complementary Health TV Series™” topic will be the “Philosophy of Medicine”.
The series will be on the ABC’s of Insurance hosted by Lester J. Robinson FIC.

Series Mission Statement:

     1. The series goal is to inform people on what complementary health is
2. How complementary health can give you an outline to becoming a healthier and        happier person
3.Give you prevention ideas to help enhance your health and body to live longer and happier

Topic: Philosophy of Medicine

The science and practice of Medicine is overdue for serious review. Recent statistics in "iatrogenic illness" and trends in "disease" seem to indicate that what is happening in medicine is not exactly under the control of physicians.
There are philosophical, social and moral questions that need to be asked. For example, whether in diagnosis physicians are seriously interested in the cause of "disease" is questionable given the trend toward the treatment of symptoms as opposed to dealing with root causes. Although neither the condition of being "not sick" nor "symptom free" necessarily equals "health" let alone "well-being", little serious conceptual attention is paid to this issue. For more information on the interview go to or and click on the complementary

Health series to find out more about the interview with Dr.Castellani go to the show the philosophy of Medicine to find out more information on his interview.

Bio on Dr. Larry Castellani:

Dr. Larry Castellani is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Niagara County Community College.  He teaches courses in history of philosophy, religion, aesthetics, ethics and political philosophy. In addition, he advises the Philosophy Club and the Meditation Club.
Dr. Castellani lectures in the community on religion, politics and healing. He Teaches courses on meditation and does workshops in spirituality and mysticism.  also he does individual, private sessions in the spiritual experience of radical wakening to higher consciousness.
Dr. Castellani is married and lives in N. Tonawanda, NY

The dates the programs will be aired will be on Niagara County LCTV channel 20 Tuesday at 8:30 pm, Thursday at 6:30 pm and Fridays at 2:00 pm, and in Erie County Adelphia Channel 20 the time is 10:35 pm Wednesday. On Wednesday September 22, 2004 in Erie and in Niagara Thursday September 23 at 6:30 pm, Friday September 24 at 2:00 pm, and Tuesday September 28 at 8:30 pm