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Welcome to Health Centers Listings

The mission of this web site is to set up free research listings to all in the health care field.

The objectives are:

A. To provide free listings to all in the health care fields
B. To provide any easy way for people to do research on different types of Complementary Health and other non traditional fields of health
C. To give people a point of reference, to start research in different areas of non traditional health care
D. To help find local people, to help in the non-traditional health care field




 To give practitioners, Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Health People a place to list their services for free.  This Web Site will act as a porthole for people looking for these services all around the world. This is a free informational and research site only. This site is only to give out information that will help people find people or organization in the Complementary Health Field.  This site will provide information that will help people in their search, for different information, on the Complementary Health field.  This site is for information and research only.

We do not make any recommendation on any of these listings.  This is for information proposes only.  We recommend that you check or consult with your doctor before trying any person or organization on this site.

How to Sign up for a free listing of Practitioners on this site

Health Centers Listings

Very important that you see your doctor before doing anything in this web site.  We do not recommend anything in this WEB SITE. You should always consults your Doctor before doing anything medical with your body.  This is just any information site.



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