Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy

A state of mind in which one’s focus of attention is narrow and a higher level of awareness of the focal point is attained than is normal when one is awake.  The power of conscious criticism is suppressed and suggestions move directly into the conscious mind.  Suggestions are acted upon more powerfully than is possible than is possible in the normal waking state.

Linda Cortese Hypnosis New York State

Introduction to Basic Hypnosis with Ken Patti New York

The David M. Bottom Memorial Poetry Contest Scholarship Fund for senior students of Newfane High School, Newfane New York

Mona Cladis, Hypnosis Henderson, NV 89052

School of Hypnosis Holistic Development Programs of Mind- Body Dynamics Institute Luisa Bruzga, DCH


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