Winter Driving Tips

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                                         By Lester J. Robinson FICF DTM

                             Topic: Winter Driving Tips

This article is written in response to questions that I have been by after my clients on how to prepare for winter driving with your tires. I interviewed Doug Zimmerman of Zimmies Tire Services of Lockport New York.  Doug gave me a list of 11 ideas for safer driving in the winter.


1.Load your with trunk snow scraper/brush, jumper cables, shovel, flashlight, blankets, and sand or salt

2.Check tire pressure for different seasons

3.Make sure your car has been serviced for the winter driving.

4.Sudden drops in temperature can effect your tire performance

5.Give yourself more drive time for bad weather

6.If you get stuck in your car, do not sit in your car with the foot on the gas, this may cause tire damage with excess spinning of your tire or may even cause your tire to explode from centrifugal force.

7.Misalignment of wheels in the front or rear can cause uneven and rapid tread wear.  May sure your car has an alignment before the winter to give yourself better driving control.

8.Rotation of your tires can help reduce irregular tire wear, and help the driver have better control of his/her car in the winter.

9.Make sure you have a good tread on your tires. That is the most important item to your tires for good winter driving.

10.Obey posted speed limits, and drive for the weather conditions around you.

11. Avoid potholes and other objects on the road

I thank Doug of Zimmies Tire Service in Lockport New York for help with this list.  If you want more information on safe driving with your tires please call Doug Zimmerman at 716-434-5539 or write to him for free information from Cooper tires on winter driving tips at 1 Niagara Street Lockport, NY 14094

 If you have any other questions please call me at 1-800-836-2040 or E-mail Lester Robinson at   or contact you own insurance agent.

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