Disability Insurance


 Disability Insurance

Prepare Now for the Unexpected

From mortgage, rent, utilities and car maintenance bills to health care, day care, insurance, food and clothing costs, your expenses run the gamut. Your ability to meet all of your expenses probably is one of the primary reasons that you go to work every day.

It's human nature to think that nothing will ever happen to you that will prevent you from earning an income. Most of us think that a disability will only happen to someone else. But everyone else is thinking the same thing, and unfortunately, people do become disabled on a regular basis.

  It begins with your income
Meeting your expenses and reaching your goals, dreams and aspirations all begin with your ability to earn an income – your greatest asset


While we're healthy and working, we have the income needed to meet our expenses and continue the pursuit of our individual goals, dreams and aspirations. It's usually only when we become sick or hurt and cannot work that we worry about how we are going to keep up with our basic expenses.

But imagine yourself with an injury or illness that prevents you from working for six months – or longer. Would you be prepared to cover the expenses that will continue to pile up?

Protect your greatest asset
Disability income insurance can help provide the means to meet your expenses when you become sick or hurt and are unable to work as the result of a covered disability. Are you sure that you have enough disability insurance in place in the event of a disabling accident or long-term illness?
Being prepared financially to cover your expenses if a disability occurs can go a long way in helping you to emotionally and physically get back to work.

Take time now to have a "quiet conversation" with your financial representative to make sure you are prepared to protect your greatest asset – your ability to earn an income – before you turn into that "someone else" with a disability.


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