defensive driving classes online

defensive driving classes online

The theory regarding defensive driving assumes that you are a safe driver, but that all the other drivers on the road are really bad drivers. The techniques, taught while taking a defensive driving course, teaches methods for you to become a more watchful and careful driver through the practice of anticipating what other drivers will do at a moment’s notice.


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Defensive driving courses, sometimes referred to as traffic schools or driver improvement courses, teach driving skills and can also lower insurance premiums, reduce points on your driving record, or even dismiss tickets in some states. While those reasons for attending a defensive driving course are perfectly valid, the primary goal of a defensive driving course—either an in-person course or an online defensive course—is to train all drivers to be safe and careful on our roadways and highways.

If you are interested in signing up to take defensive driving online, be sure to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. All states maintain a list of approved courses for defensive driving, whether online or in-person classes. Check before you sign up to be certain that the course you are interested in will fulfill your state’s requirements.

Some basic concepts of defensive driving includes the following key points:

Slow down, especially during inclement weather conditions or at night
Do not follow too closely
Concentrate on your driving at all times
Never drive if you are impaired by lack of sleep or being under the influence
Check your mirrors frequently
Assume that drivers will run through stop signs or red lights at intersections and be prepared to react
Keep a watchful eye on pedestrians and pets along the roadside
Incorporating these defensive driving tips into your everyday driving technique will help you become a better driver. Taking an online defensive driving course or attending a defensive driving school enhances your overall driving knowledge and skills, and increases your awareness and the safety of you, your family and other drivers

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