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Am I Prepared for Long-Term-Care Expenses?

In general, Americans are not sufficiently prepared to pay for long-term care. Many of them go through their lives simply hoping that they won’t ever need it. Unfortunately, in the event that you or a loved one does need long-term care, hope won’t be enough to protect you from potential financial ruin.

Also, the odds that you will need some kind of long-term care increase as you get older.

Self-Insurance as an Option

To self-insure — that is, to cover the cost yourself — you must have sufficient income to pay the rising costs of long-term care. Keep in mind that even if you have sufficient resources to afford long-term care now, you may not be able to handle rising future costs without drastically altering your lifestyle.

The Medicaid Option

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that covers medical bills for the needy. If you qualify, it may help pay for your long-term-care costs. Unfortunately, Medicaid is basically welfare. In order to qualify, you generally have to have few assets or will need to spend down your assets.

State law determines the allowable income and resource limits. If you have even one dollar of income or assets in excess of these limits, you may not be eligible for Medicaid.

To receive Medicaid assistance, you may have to transfer your assets to meet those limits. This can be tricky, however, because there are tough laws designed to discourage asset transfers for the purpose of qualifying for Medicaid. If you have engaged in any “Medicaid planning,” consult an advisor to discuss any new Medicaid rules.

Long-Term-Care Insurance

A long-term-care insurance policy may enable you to transfer a portion of the economic liability of long-term care to an insurance company in exchange for the regular premiums.

Long-term-care insurance may be used to help pay for skilled care, intermediate care, and custodial care. Most policies pay for nursing-home care, and comprehensive policies may also cover home care services and assisted living. Insurance can help protect your family financially from the potentially devastating cost of a long-term disabling medical condition, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment.

A complete statement of coverage, including exclusions, exceptions, and limitations is found only in the policy.

Long-Term-Care Riders on Life Insurance

A number of insurance companies have added long-term-care riders to their life insurance contracts. For an additional fee, these riders will provide a benefit — usually a percentage of the face value — to help cover the cost of long-term care. This may be an option for you.

The 4 Step process Educate, Analyze, Identify and Implementation of a Long-Term-Care Program to protect your most important Asset: your family


To help you achieve your goals, we rely on a disciplined three-step process.

Step 1 Educate the clients on what is Long Term Care Event. How to protect your most important asset your family

Step 2 We conduct a holistic audit of your current estate, investment and business situation (if applicable) and analyze every component of your finances. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive financial model of your current situation, including cash flow, income tax and estate distribution illustrations. Clear goals are clarified with our clients and are set.

Step 3 From this in-depth analysis we identify any stumbling blocks and potential problem areas that may create gaps between your current situation and your goals. We then offer alternative strategies and identify solutions that best fit your situation. These personalized recommendations form the basis of your financial plan.

Step 4 The final step of our process is implementation. The client is free to implement the plan recommendations with whomever he/she chooses. When executing your plan, we ensure that each component is coordinated and integrated to help provide the maximum financial benefit. We are committed to keeping your plan current by providing periodic reviews.

Our Process

Les Robinson CLTC take a tactical approach to helping his clients. Understanding his client's goals, dreams, wishes, and core values is key to helping them reach their objectives. Once Les has clarity on those items, Les will give his clients education and advice on all available options and how each decision will affect the outcome of their Long Term Care Plan.

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